Xerox Phaser 5550b Drivers For Windows 7

When selected, prints are not stapled. Inset a new staple cartridge. If the stapler is in the way, slide the stapler toward you then to the right. Possible Causes Solutions The paper may be damp. Labels inside the paper tray provide additional information for loading paper according to size and orientation.

Xerox Phaser 5550 User Manual

Xerox phaser 5550b drivers for windows 7


Windows Or Later Select the installation method you want to use, and then follow the onscreen instructions. Possible Causes Solutions The paper may be defective with creases, folds, Replace the paper. Select your operating system. Connect to printer web servers for additional printer-specific features, including help.

Heavy or unusual paper may be in the tray. Make selections from the driver tabs. Select Print With under Job Type. Expand Local Users and Groups, and then double-click the Groups folder. This is the core package and must be installed first before the printer package.

Place the top of the postcard toward the rear of the printer. Select the cover option and tray to use from the Covers dialog box. The tool supports large networks with many users and printers. The use of router-supplied prefixes is enabled by default.

Do not load paper above the fill line. Inserting the Envelope Tray in any other tray slot will damage it.

Select the job type under Job Type. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. Slide the stapler toward you, and then to the right. Place the top of the page toward the front of the tray. Contact your network administrator for more information.

Select the appropriate printer model from the list of available devices. Prior to disposal, please contact your local reseller or Xerox representative for end of life takeback information. Insert the staple unit in the finisher. The printer stores information about print jobs in a log file. If visible, pull the jammed paper out of the stacker upper tray.

Select Xerox from the list of manufacturers in the lower drop-down menu. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Xerox could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. Additional Resources Additional Resources Additional Resources Xerox provides many resources to help you learn more about your Phaser printer. Select the Phaser printer and click its Properties button to open the printer driver.

Xerox phaser 5550b drivers for windows 7

Place letterhead or the top of the page toward the front of the tray. Verify that the width guides are pressed against the paper. Verify that the Queue Name field is blank.

Do not burn any consumables or routine maintenance items. If necessary, adjust the paper guides to the size of the paper.

Plug the power cord directly into a properly grounded electrical outlet. See the instructions on the inside of Door G. Page To ensure compliance with European Union regulations, use shielded interface cables.

For best results, use Xerox printing media specified for your Phaser printer. In some drivers, you can have the page images automatically scaled to fit the output paper size. Xerox provides drivers for a variety of page description languages and operating systems. For more information about Windows printer driver options, click the Help button on the printer driver to view the online help. Selecting Options For An Individual Job windows With the desired document or graphic open in your application, mercury motherboard pi845glm-p vga driver access the Print dialog box.

Xerox phaser 5550b drivers for windows 7

The printer is added to the list. For example, terms like Draft, Confidential, Date, Version that you might stamp on a page before distribution, can be inserted with a watermark. If you are not prompted, proceed to the next step. They are guaranteed to produce excellent results with your printer.

Place letterhead or top of the page toward the left side of the tray. If the problem continues, contact your Customer Support Center. The printer enables you to choose a different paper source for the cover page than for the body of a document. The paper path may be contaminated with toner.

Adjust the paper guides to the size of the transparencies if necessary. For instance, use your company letterhead for the first page of a document, or use card stock for the first and last pages of a report. Possible Causes Solutions The paper is not loaded correctly in the Verify that the paper is correctly loaded in the appropriate tray.