Presonus Firestudio 26x26 Driver

PrsSonus should offer a patch that fixes this so people can continue to use their perfectly good devices! It actually worked without the legacy driver until a certain windows update arrived and broke it.

The answer that this is no longer supported is unacceptable. Reboot the when the installer is complete.

FireStudio (26x26)

Once you get the card to show up in Device Manager the FireStudio should work. Now lets get down to business!

The Control Console utility aside, Presonus provide an excellent software bundle with the Firestudio. From the Utilities menu, select Terminal. Power on the unit once it is plugged in. However, for those with multiple monitoring systems the ability to easily switch between them without any re-patching would be well worth the additional expense. With audio over Firewire now very mature as a technology, such devices are also becoming very reliable.

Including a quick flick through the manual, I had the Firestudio up and running within a few minutes of opening the box. Studio One automatically finds the Firestudio. In some basic listening tests using a range of commercial recordings from classical through to rock, the Firestudio sounded very good indeed. In most cases it should simply use the windows generic driver. Sure I know maintaining drivers is costly, hp c510a driver but it's less costly than having to buy another interface or keep an old computer around.

Do not try to access Fire Control surface before the reboot. Is your computer a desktop or laptop? This process took me just a few minutes and proceeded without a hitch.

The Control Console provides comprehensive audio routing possibilities. On the left is the power connector. Previous article Next article.

Now head over to the Legacy products of Presonus website and download the FireControl for Lion installer. Toggle navigation PreSonus Forums. Sadly this just means it's the last time I'll ever buy a presonus product.

While so much choice can leave new users somewhat confused, it is probably true to say that there has never been a better time to buy an audio interface.

Yes, I know there is no support from Presonus, and hasn't been for a while. Incidentally, the Firestudio can be used as a stand-alone device without a computer. The right-hand side of the rear panel is dominated by the analogue outputs. Why is Firestudio not included in the free vst gift from Presonus? Here is how I made it happen.

The stereo imaging seemed good and there was plenty of detail to the sound. The device manager doesn't show the Firewire bus as indicated in the Microsoft article.

FireStudio (26x26)

Presonus Firestudio

Fortunately, it has just that in the Control Console. What does it take to make a Firewire audio interface stand out from the crowd these days? Here is the technical part but it is very simple if you follow the instructions. The password field is case sensitive.

Also, not all firewire chipsets are created equal. There are no nor will the be any new drivers being released. Feel free to chime in with any you may have on this subject.


The far right of the front panel features a headphone jack plus gain controls for the headphones and main outputs. Usefully, any of the nine custom mixes can be selected to also appear at the Firestudio's main analogue outputs or headphone output. The ability to create different monitor mixes is very useful.

If the Firewire device doesn't show up in the Device manager then either it is not working or it needs a driver installed. After installing the legacy it is good. Typically, this might provide switching between the main stereo monitors and either alternate stereo monitors or a surround system.

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Very reliable during testing. This boots you into Recovery.

Why do you have no driver for Firestudio and OS X - Questions & Answers

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Presonus have built a good reputation in this competitive marketplace and their latest offering is the Firestudio. As explained in the manual, installation of the drivers needs to be completed before you connect the Firestudio to your host system.

Gain controls for all eight inputs are arranged in a staggered pattern on the right-hand side. Very good value for money, particularly bearing in mind the excellent bundled software. At the far right are two send-return jack pairs. The rear panel is somewhat busier. In selecting a suitable audio interface, perhaps the most fundamental question concerns the number of inputs and outputs required.

The central section provides the various digital connectivity. Music promotion - is social media pointless? Using unbalanced outputs with balanced inputs? Cons Limited front-panel level monitoring if used without a computer.