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This desktop replacement notebook has a double hook transport lock. The only weak part is once again above the keyboard, where the case slightly yields under pressure. It is black, grey, dark-grey without any colourful spot. Various configuration options make it possible to turn it into a high-performance workstation. We felt that its surface was very user-friendly.

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World in Conflict and also Crysis run only with low details in a satisfactory and smooth way. There sound is most of all loud.

Afterwards it was no longer possible to access the Windows energy profiles. This hints on a cooling system with sufficient reserve capacities. This is about the maximum runtime.

Our personal impression was that the colour representation is alright, but, the colours are not that vivid as of glare type panels. However, the test proved this assumption wrong. Also the flexural rigidity of the lid is very good. The part above the keyboard is, typical Dell not absolutely tight. Here you can configure and also buy this notebook.

Interface Equipment

Considering the fan characteristics, the measured surface temperatures of the Dell M are a surprise. But, that's still not all. The Dell Precision M is generously equipped with interfaces. Review Dell Precision M Notebook. The case is first of all a cover for the complex components, which protects the sensible parts inside.

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Furthermore, the integrated charge status display makes it possible to know about the left capacity at any time. The reviewed notebook, is e. So, it's a surprise that the surface temperatures stayed always alright. World in Conflict Benchmark.

Download Drivers Dell Precision M6300 For Windows 32 Bit

If you start to demand more performance, e. The case is made of aluminium and magnesium parts. Especially, if you do not want to use an external screen and plan these fields of operation, you should definitely choose this notebook with the display with higher resolution. If you type more forcefully, the keyboard slightly yields and dully clatters. Made in Poland - from the green island to the European continent.

However, if you type in a normal way the keyboard is very silent. Even if you pick it up at the front edge, which requires well trained forearm muscles, you'll neither face any deformation of the case nor hear any creaking noises. Please share our article, every link counts! However, we couldn't discover the way it works and its impact on the system during our test. The battery has a charge status display of its own.

The interfaces should make it possible to connect a number of external devices for different requirements. Even though this has no impact on the usability of the M, the good overall impression slightly diminishes, because of this detail. Four of them are at its back side and are, therefore, the best choice for permanently connected devices. At the first, the missing extra numerical pad of the keyboard gets obvious. So, intel 82577lm gigabit network connection linux driver a numerical pad would especially enhance user-friendliness for these applications.

There is only one point of critique. Grey and grey again, that's the way this notebook looks, so, it does not attract envious colleagues.

Depending on the demands, the runtime is less than the maximum runtime. However, typing is very user-friendly. Furthermore, there should be enough reserves for coping with future demands during the whole economic life-time of a notebook. The M's case is definitely sufficiently stable for regularly carrying it from one place to another.

The Dell Precision M scores points in all aspects which are important for a workstation. Also the volume can be controlled there. Temperature Considering the fan characteristics, the measured surface temperatures of the Dell M are a surprise. You might need some time to adapt to the location of the keyboard, which is rather far to the back of the base unit, even more because this laptop is relatively high. Although this is only a minor aspect for a workstation like the Dell Precision M, it still provides two speakers left and right at its front edge, whose maximum volume is good.

Typical Dell the touch pad buttons have a long travel. However, the reviewed notebook was not equipped with a simple fingerprint reader. So, it can be moved even if you do not apply much force. This also had a positive impact on the haptics. The target group won't mind at all.

Vertically, the picture darkens respectively whitens. So, the whole back side could be used for interfaces. Currently Dell offers the Precision M with two display versions. At first we didn't expect that a big notebook like the Precision M can also have a useful battery runtime.

In our benchmark tests the Precision M convinced by overall good results. The mobile mouse replacement of the Dell Precision M is a touch pad with two horizontal and vertical scroll areas. An important criterion for a mobile workstation is the provided interface equipment.

The bottom side gets only slightly more warmer. Quickly, it turned out that these are vent holes, which support the fans inside the case. However, the offered best processor is really expensive. The display with non-reflecting surface and a generally good brightness is also rather fit for outdoor operation.

The function keys are somewhat more to the back and grouped into function groups at the right side. Not until a few minutes later the first fan starts running, and after a while also the second one. Nevertheless, this notebook weighs still g.