Kyocera Ecosys Fs-1128mfp Drivers

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The current counts of copy counter, printer counter and fax counter are displayed. You can, for example, convert a single-sided document into a duplex one and create a full duplex copy. Adjusting margins for scanning an original on the platen U Description Adjusts margins for scanning the original on the platen. Prescribe commands technical reference manual - rev.

Adjusting the scanner magnification U Description Adjusts the magnification of the original scanning. Doing so may cause damage to the machine and the expansion memory. Purpose Normally no change is necessary. The waste toner is collected at the output end of the sweep roller and sent back to the toner container, into the waste toner reservoir.

Be sure to change the setting according to the type of telephone connected to the machine. Install the ferrite core in the pit. In this management mode, settings such as default settings can be changed.

Purpose To set whether or not toner is loaded on the drum after low density copying. The counts by paper feed locations are displayed.

It must be cautioned that decreasing the fuser pressure could cause loose toner fusing. The current setting is displayed in each item. This is easier than trying to do it in situ, but getting the holder and cartridge back into place is more fiddly than on some other multifunctions.

Kyocera Mita FS-1128MFP Mono Laser MFP Printer Review

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Adjusting the scanner leading edge registration U Description Adjusts the scanner leading edge registration of the original scanning. Defective harness between Reinsert the connector. Also check for conti- between control nuity within the connector harness. Controls the software such as the print data processing and provides the interface with computers.


Purpose To adjust the speed of the motor when the magnification in the auxiliary scanning direction is not correct. Setting the main high voltage U Description Controls the main charger high voltage to optimize the surface potential.

Caution Before making this adjustment, oc4usb drivers for windows 7 ensure that the following adjustments have been made in maintenance mode. Caution Adjust the magnification of the scanner in the following order.

Paper Exit Section Paper exit section The paper exit section transports the paper which passed the fuser unit towards the top tray. Purpose To improve transmission performance for international communications mainly. Purpose To check the toner area code.

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And then unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Because it has both a duplex scanner and duplex print, there are a number of different combinations you can handle straight from the control panel.

The heat roller has a heater lamp inside which continuously turns on and off by the fuser thermistor to maintain the constant temperature onto the heat roller surface. Checking the total counter value U Description Displays the total counter value. Purpose To check the total counter value. By default, you need to know your way around the Function Menu, but you can set up commonly used tasks as Programs and then select them with a single button press. Defective harness Reinsert the connector.

Push the bottom plate down until it locks. The toner area code is displayed. Purpose To be run after installation of the facsimile kit if necessary. Adjusting the deflection in the paper U Description Adjusts the deflection in the paper. Setting the destination U Description Switches the operations and screens of the machine according to the destination.


Checking copy counts by paper feed locations U Description Displays or clears copy counts by paper feed locations. Purpose To exit the maintenance mode. Cools the interior of machine. Page This page is intentionally left blank. Network transfer with Response is not returned Check the network connection cable.

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This is due to flaws or stains inside the shading plate. Purpose To operate when a faulty image black line, etc. Before going through the test results, a quick word must be made about the various copy functions in this machine.