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Or a parent who will constantly blow up thier ear with problems. Took your advice and downloaded all nVidia drivers you indicated. Same for your Video card, could not find it. That is a good idea to insure nothing gets hosed.

As for the Nvidia drivers, when you go to the link I posted, there is an instruction button on that sites page. If you found it, please share. Good to hear from you and that progress has been made.

If the drivers did not update, select each item and do the update driver for each if needed. Similarly, I bought Ghost because I wanted V.

If not, come back to the forum and you can get help. But, I guess from what you had mentioned about the age of your card it is possible. Good luck and hopefully it will be an improvement to update the driver for the video card. You can just list your stuff as text to start with.

So, if it isn't a driver issue and a card is required, do you have any recommendations? Get special mobile exclusive deals only from newegg mobile. Did both of these, dell wireless 1450 dual band drivers no joy! This is a must for gamers. There is also one port on the rear port of the motherboard.

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After downloading and installing this package, go into Device Manager and check again for the problem areas. The same orientation that works for every other connection on that header. Hang in there, as you will be able to get this fixed. Good luck with the new card when it comes and please let us know how it all works out.

It can get confusing back there, with so many possible connections. You have done well in your research. As soon as I restart, all hell breaks loose.

Support For K8N SLI Platinum

Looks like several others are keeping an eye on this thread also. The Gigabyte card is probably the better, using less power is critical with your power supply kind of on the edge here. Here is a link that should take care of the rest of the drivers you are needing.

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You and I are definitely looking at the same pages in the manual. Usually something someone has overclocked the life out of and such. Product may includes warranty, and accessories found with the original product.

Good luck with it and happy computing. Hope this is of some help. This means the product will ship as received plattinum the manufacturer, sealed, with all advertised components, and with the manufacturer warranty. You can read just as much negatives on other forums about just about any brand of board.

You did good getting it going, keep up the good work and hang in there. Pops, Good to hear from you again as well! Pops, I don't believe you!

When you do get a better video card, it should come with some good install instructions. Great overall motherboard tho. These circles are simply exposed metal areas on the surface of the board, e.

If the download works, I can wait a while until I can afford a really good card and monitor to go with the rest of the machine. Also, have you ran windows update? The site let me download the manual but not the driver or the utility.


Custom Computers of Naples, Inc. In my manual, page it shows that port and also states Optional under it. Please list how all your drives are setup on the board.

Msi s flagship amdbased offering is looking to be one heck of a motherboard as it is pairing the power of plahinum amd socket platform with pciexpressbased sli technology. If your Ghost image boots and runs fine before download, that is true. Brings me to what I hope to be the final issue. Pops, As you might have gathered from the profile, I invested in few enhancements. Print it out unless your memory is better than mine that is and it is quite easy.

Just click that and away you go to your personal settings for the forum. Or, you could take a look at this website that has a free download. Pops, I had trouble finding it too!

Use the list below to find the correct msi windows sound audio driver. Driverguide maintains the most extensive database of windows sound audio drivers on the web. You say there is no driver disk that came with you video card.

So, to keep things simple - I buy my books and misc. Do you suppose this is my problem? Anyway it did not make a lot of sense. As a followup went to Gigabyte's site and was able to download manual, drivers and utilities.

Maybe someone can step in here and help out please. Also include information as to jumpers on all drives. The cas I am using has one port in the front which is hooked up. Of course we know what can happen with an assumtion. This seems to cause less problems for me anyway.