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Also, I used the same cable with the second firewire card. Turn off your camcorder and unplug it from the computer. To overcome this problem, in my home computer I have two hard disks. So anyway, back to the topic. It has taken me weeks and weeks and probably hundreds of hours in the end.

If only my brother wasn't away on holiday, he'd help me reinstall. Your computer technician should be able to assist in this respect. Our computers are networked so we can share files but my computer keeps demanding a password and username. Can you give me instructions if you know how. Gromit, where is this connection cookcook of yours?

I-LINK Firewire Cable (IEEE ) - VCVDVU - Introduction


So far, I have only encountered one case where we couldn't find and isolate the problem. He is currently at risk from internet attack. But I must say I can't blame you for simply side-stepping this problem.

The camcorder should show up when you connect it and turn it on, then disappear when you turn it off. The result was exactly the same behavior. Attach the firewire cable to the dvi output of the camcorder, then attach it to the firewire port.

My computer requires a password to get in and view them. Make sure you disable the in-built device when doing this.

If you have anything else, you know I appreciate any other ideas you have. Can you please give me the link again with the unchanged address?

The New Hardware Found windows just keeps popping up. Not a very common problem these days but still a possibility. Is there some kind of wire or conversion that I can use.

I-LINK Firewire Cable (IEEE ) - VCVDVU - Introduction

Anything sound sus can you shout? The software buttons Play, stop, etc. But I have never done anything like this before, and do not want this to go wrong. And yeah, when I capture video, there are no dropped frames, so this is excellent.

Do not turn on the camcorder just yet! After trying all recommendations on this forum I finally had an epiphany. Open up your video capture program, ie. Re-start again, then wait until the pc is booted up completely.

JVC DV - free driver download FOUND

How long do you think it would take if I got it done at a computer store? That must be the problem, then. This tells me that there is something about my computer that is not compatible with my camera. On the video camera, the screen doesn't change at all. Don't waste the opportunity!

For now, though, I'll consider other options. Ask if you need me to clarify anything. And as I have tested, the issue does not exist in the firewire card. We have not experienced any problems of this nature.

WebLink for JVCJvc firewire cable

It does not have a firewire out. Things people often forget is mail archives, address books, etc. Please keep me updated on your progress. You've been really helpful. Are you sure your motherboard isn't firewire equipped?

Install this update to help prevent this issue. And that other patch in your last post didn't do anything to make it work either.

The camera isn't damaged in any way. After you install this update, if you add a host controller for a new device to your computer, you must add or modify the SidSpeed entry in the Windows registry for the new host controller. Of course, if you filed the original. The problem clearly has nothing to do with the cable because information does get sent. That camcorder is compliant so you should be able to plug and play.

The controller should show up the whole time. Evene things like email I force onto the D drive.

The firewire card shows up and the drivers were automatically installed in the Device Manager. By this I mean experimenting with turning the camera on before, ricoh aficio cl2000 driver or during the capture programme running.

WebLink for JVC

WebLink for JVC

Anybody know any other solutions? All I have to use is Windows Movie Maker. This fix was written prior to the release of the Microsoft patch so it might now be obscelent. So now I think it must be something to do with my computer.


Re-start the computer and wait for it to re-install the port. The camcorder has an svideo and av but I believe they are both out only. From your Roxio program you can control the camcorder so from there you can hit the capture button. Answer here or email me at Curtisprod msn. Good luck and please keep sharing your experiences!