Intel 82576 Linux Driver

Linux Base Driver for Intel Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections

If the driver load fails to enable a specific interrupt mode, the driver will try other interrupt modes, from least to most compatible. Link messages will not be displayed to the console if the distribution is restricting system messages. For this driver version, in order to enable WoL, the ee driver must be loaded prior to shutting down or suspending the system. This setting is not saved across reboots.

As this value decreases one may want to consider increasing the TxDescriptors value to maintain the same amount of frame memory. This has a possible negative performance impact, which may be compensated for by allocating more descriptors using the TxDescriptors module parameter.

To override the default, use the following compile-time flags. Building and installation Steps below require elevated privileges. Please do not enter contact information. Instead, use the Speed and Duplex parameters previously mentioned to force the adapter to the same speed and duplex. This value specifies the number of receive buffer descriptors allocated by the driver.

The algorithm classifies the incoming traffic every interval into classes. This will impart the greatest chance for your system to consume less power. Restarting the system appears to be the only remedy. Multiqueue is off by default. To reduce the impact, the packet buffer sizes and relevant flow control settings are modified accordingly.

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It does this by writing a value to the adapter that is based on the maximum amount of interrupts that the adapter will generate per second. Instructions on updating ethtool can be found in the section Additional Configurations later in this document. Useful only if RxIntDelay is non-zero, this value ensures that an interrupt is generated after the initial packet is received within the set amount of time.

Many popular Linux distributions ship with tools to make these changes for you. All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux. Install the ee driver using the instructions in the ee section. Normally the driver will generate an interrupt every two seconds. The e driver is no longer maintained as a standalone component.

Proper tuning, along with TxIntDelay, may improve traffic throughput in specific network conditions. Auto-negotiation is disabled, and the AutoNeg parameter is ignored. The AutoNeg parameter is used when more control is required over the auto-negotiation process. This information is accessed by the hardware. The parameter may be specified as either a decimal or hexadecimal value as determined by the bitmap below.

The user can turn off this parameter in supported chipsets. TxDescriptors This value is the number of transmit descriptors allocated by the driver. Increasing this value allows the driver to buffer more incoming packets, at the expense of increased system memory utilization.

After installing the driver, if your Intel Ethernet Network Connection is not working, verify that you have installed the correct driver. As the issue addressed by this parameter has never been observed on Intel Architecture platforms, it should not be used on Intel platforms. After installing the driver, if your Intel Network Connection is not working, scx-4x21 drivers verify that you have installed the correct driver. This is caused by the way the Linux kernel reports this stressed condition.


Linux Base Driver for Intel Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections

Please type your message and try again. When a malicious driver attempts to send a spoofed packet, it is dropped by the hardware and not transmitted. This parameter is a bit mask that specifies which speed and duplex settings the board advertises. This script will verify that the adapter is applicable to the fix and if the fix is needed or not. The default value for each parameter is generally the recommended setting, unless otherwise noted.

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First identify your adapter. The hardware can handle many more small packets per second however, and for this reason an adaptive interrupt moderation algorithm was implemented. If i try to manually up the link via ip link tool, all works fine. The driver can limit the amount of interrupts per second that the adapter will generate for incoming packets. In this case, use a lower number.

Internal stress testing with jumbo frames shows the reliability on some and devices is improved in certain corner cases by disabling the Early Receive feature. We don't supply patches against the kernel source to allow for static linking of the drivers. This results in unbalanced receive traffic. Forcing master or forcing slave mode will improve time-to-link. If the system is reporting dropped receives, this value may be set too high, causing the driver to run out of available receive descriptors.

There is a known issue using Jumbo frames when connected to a Foundry BigIron switch. Defines the direction in which data is allowed to flow. There was a problem completing your request.

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