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This allows the receiving machine to tailor the reception of originals to its own circumstances. Dials the receiving system, and after the communication has started, originals are scanned. Press the System Menu key.

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Powerful hardware for the office of the future. Its primary features include the following.

Cdc 1625 Dcc 2625 Kx Driver Details

Select fax number from One-touch key Select the destination from One-touch keys. Use the keyboard to enter. Destination to enter the speed dial number. Appendix Explains character entry and the specifications of the machine.

Make sure that the Power indicator and the Memory indicator are off before turning off the main power switch. When the machine receives originals, a sub address password is not used. Automatic Redial This function automatically redials a receiving system that does not respond when you try to send fax. Search key This section explains how to use the Enter key and Quick No.

Upper-case Letter Entry Screen Use the keyboard to enter. To use the following functions, select the orientation of the originals. You can sort the list in the order of names or address numbers of the destinations.

Unfortunanely, motorola wr850g wireless broadband router driver your mail could not be sent. The Receive indicator blinks when the machine is receiving a fax. Transmission Restriction Setup and Registration Transmission Restriction This function allows you to send or receive originals only when communication requirements are met.

The connected telephone set makes ringing tone the set number of times. Even when the communication is prolonged due to broadcast transmission or a next transmission being scheduled, the machine will first send originals for which interrupt send has been set. Forwarding Detail Settings With the forwarding settings, you can change the following detail settings. We have sent the download link to the email address you used for registration.

Printer When the cancel confirmation screen appears, Ready. This Operation Guide contains information for using both the inch and metric versions of this machine.

Using Program Dial Press the Program key. When the first communication is completed, the machine automatically starts the scheduled next transmission. Correct the time displayed on the touch panel of the operation panel regularly. Character Entry Method Character Entry Method To enter characters for a name, use the on-display keyboard in the touch panel following the steps as explained below.

By setting a toll free number and an area code to a chain number, you do not need to enter such numbers for each transmission. Item Description Resolution Specify the resolutions that can be received by the destination fax machine. After registration, you can recall transmission requirements only by pressing the program number. During use, refer to the Operation Guide for your machine for information regarding the sections listed below. When fax originals have been sent, the machine receives them automatically, and when the call is from a telephone, the machine follows the functions of the connected answering machine.

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Icons On The Touch Panel Originals and Paper Sizes This section explains the notation used in this guide when referring to sizes of originals or paper sizes. Then we are there to help you with our hardware solutions and innovative technologies. Digital colour copying and printing system pages. Press the Document Box key. Border Erase Book Erase black borders found around and in the middle of pages of thick books.

Top cover Open this cover when the original jammed in the Document Processor. Using after Confirming the Connection to the Receiving System You can send originals after confirming that the telephone line has connected to the receiving system. Original Orientation To ensure that the originals are stored in the correct orientation, this indicates which end of the original is the top. Border Erase Sheet Erase black borders from around sheet originals. Keep it close to the machine for easy reference.

Destination using the numeric keys. Refer to this list as necessary when you operate the machine. Reception Method This machine allows the following five reception methods.

Fax receipt can also be notified by e-mail instead of checking the receipt result report. The selected originals are check-marked. Send and Store When you send originals, this feature allows you to store a copy of the document being sent in a Document Box.

Cdc 1625 Dcc 2625 Kx Driver Details

Sending Size Selection Select the sending size the size of image to be sent. Up to characters can be entered. When multiple-page originals are placed, each page is scanned after the previous one is sent. It is useful for confirming the time of reception if the fax is from a different time zone. Encryption Setup and Registration Encryption This method allows you to communicate with originals encrypted by the sending system.

Select the box to be deleted or changed. Other articles that might interest you. The destination is added to the Address Book. Before turning off the main power switch, press the Power key on the operation panel. This function is convenient for using this machine and a telephone set commercially available product in combination installed at places distant from each other.

The Enter symbol is displayed next to the keys whose operations are carried out by the Enter key e. Folio When a paper type is selected in Media Type, a received fax is printed using the matching paper source. Keep it close to the facsimile for easy reference.

Triumph-Adler DC Equivalent Cross-Reference Guide

Menu List Menu List The function keys on the touch panel and operation panel have the following menus. Reduce the transmission start speed and send again.

Send and Print When you send originals, this feature allows you to print a copy of the document being sent. Using this function can limit other parties with which you can communicate. When you hear the fax tone from the handset, enter the two-digit remote switch dial number using the dial button on the telephone set.

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DCC 2625 - TA Triumph

Cdc dcc Kx driver - DriverDouble

Select the destination from the list. However, the higher the resolution is, the longer the send time is.