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The headphones listening thread

In theory, asynchronous transfer minimises interface jitter. Probably my power supply is not enough. And is there a list of RaspyFi compatible converters? It is always a good idea to try out alternative methods.

TeraDak TeraLink-X2 USB Audio Converter

Subject to credit approval. From the point of view of live musicians, the best features are the direct monitoring and effects see The PowerCore presence for more. The micromega mydac works just great.

The sound stage expands into all directions and is well formed in even measures. Treble again extends well and is fatigue-free. Just as they had intended. So it is not so easy for the average user.

Any thoughts about these ones, do I have a chance of compatibility? Please note, that since RaspyFi is directly based on Raspbian these are supported dacs on Raspberry Pi as well, so you can take this as a Raspberry Pi usb Dac compatibility list!

Bass is not especially low but tuneful and the highs can sometimes be a bit too explicit but those cans are all about the mid-band clarity and on-stage presence. View or edit your browsing history. Sounds fantastic to my ears! Hai trovato uno spammer nel forum?

Feeding the Monica provided audible results that were similar to feeding the Beresford, equivocal, both very listenable but no clear preference. However, emachines e527 keyboard driver it's taken the Caiman to truly reveal how good they are.


Both boxes are of identical dimensions and sufficiently sturdy. Originally Posted by Reid Malenfant. Will try more when i get the chance Naim, Cyrus et cet. Treble is rich and extended, with excellent energy. You did an awesome job and I hope you have the support and the joy to keep developing RaspyFi.

Got some used Audeze Sine on the way just for kicks. All other frequencies sound distorted. Seller does not offer returns. Bass has good body and weight and comes with good punch and rumble down low. Recorded audio is all but noise-free and is very clear.

Te l is reported to be working, it is the same receiver as the odac. It rivals the dragonfly I heard. Have an opinion on this product that you would like to share? It is a touch sensitive and breaks quite easily, but the conversion is absolutely pristine and exact.

Beresford Caiman DAC

Hi, just downloaded and got it up and running on the pi. The main thing I am hoping for is running my tracks thru it. Remember that asynchronous issue? Has anyone developped a way to communicate with apple airport express or airplay-powered device. Just thinking about how I use this in the car, just need to get wifi working, so I can use Mpod on my iphone as the remote.

It enables faster clock tuning and better jitter reduction for the best fidelity. Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income.

How to check the receiver? Conserva e condividi l'indirizzo di T-Forum, la vera HiFi alla portata di tutti sul tuo sito sociale bookmarking.

Bass definition has improved a lot as has the soundstage. Would make a great combo with the Raspberry, if only for the tiny footprint.

The Gator-upgrade caught my interest, so maybe in the very nearby future my Caiman gets Gatorated as well! The B's are staggering through the Caiman. Some require the installation of custom drivers and some do not. Mojo brings in tons of details and excellent resolution to the Quad driver, where you can hear every clap in a live audience.

Must say you have nice Dacs! It will definitely turn it in a cheap and low-powered audiophile source. Products may not be available in all markets. It shimmers well and is nicely rich. The Fabrik C channel strip and Fabrik R reverb built into this firewire audio interface are are indispensable tools for shaping the sound.

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Music is less rigid, more nimble, less fatiguing, smoother. These improvements might be considered tweaks by some. Using mpod app is impossible. Does raspyfi improve the audio if I plan on using the built in audio output?

It is the only way to find new improvements. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Some of those chips do not have drivers for every type of computer operating system. Ok you can add the Meridian Explorer to the list. Email Required, but never shown. Started listening to headphones as soon as I could afford a record player in when I started work.

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Please check with your supplier for exact offers. My most extravagant purchase were the electrostatic Jecklin Floats.

The headphones listening thread