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Make sure the monitor is set to run at its true or native resolution. The monitor can be used as is. Move electrical devices that may cause electrical interference as far away from the monitor as possible. You will have to contact the manufacturer of the adapter for the correct settings to use with your monitor.

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Portable monitor that does not require a driver to be installed. Verify that the video card and monitor driver are properly installed. Frequently asked questions Driver Installation.

Question display not working after installing new ram. This means the computer is sending an incompatible display mode to your monitor. Contact your computer manufacturer for help.

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Please check the device manager in your operating system for information on your video card. Your computer may be in screen saver mode, it has instructed the monitor to go to power saving mode, ecs m935u drivers or the the monitor's video cable is not properly connected to the computer. New posts Trending Search forums. Support and Warranty Learn More. You need to install a video card driver instead.

Refer to the monitor's documentation for instructions on how to activate the Auto-Adjust feature. Increasing the refresh rate within the supported range may reduce the flicker on your screen. Is it possible to install dual monitors on Asus B Prime - Please help. If you do find any issues during installation, please contact Mac's technical support.

Please reference downloading driver information. Documents Product Manuals User manual Download. If you are unable to find out the specific model, please contact your computer manufacturer for assistance. Also check the monitor's video cable and make sure none of the pins are bent.

Another possible cause of this is a locked-up or in-operative computer since the computer is what supplies the monitor with all the display data or information. You should try to activate the Auto-Adjust feature. Warranty Information Envision Peripherals Inc. Since your video card is located inside your computer, you will have to contact your computer manufacturer for assistance.

This warranty is non-transferable, no exceptions.

Do not use any paper products to clean the screen. Check to see that the computer is not on power-saving mode by pressing any key or moving the mouse. These problems are caused by using an extension video cable or switch box. Also use the maximum refresh rate your monitor is capable of at the resolution your are using.

If you do find any issues during installation, please contact Apple technical support. For the monitor driver, please visit our website driver page. Make sure that your computer is turned on and working properly. You can contact our Technical Support Department for parts price and availability. Move the mouse or press a key to de-activate the screen saver or power saving mode.

Users who destroy or lose their original packaging materials and box will not receive replacements free of charge and will be assessed a fee if new packaging materials or boxes are required. Please contact the pc or video card manufacturer for further help on driver configurations of your video card.

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Please contact the video card vendor for further help on configuring the video card. Am I supposed to put the folder somewhere? Check with your computer manufacturer. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Check the monitor's video cable and make sure it is snugly connected to the computer.

Frequently asked questions Monitors. Select the Power Management icon. No display on Monitor after installing a new graphics card.

Support and Warranty Request Support. The system will automatically select the maximum refresh rate and corresponding Color Matching Profiles. Previous Next Sort by votes. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. This indicates an internal failure inside the monitor.

Change the refresh rate of your monitor via the graphics card setting page in your operating system. Also make sure that all the pins of the monitor's video cable are in good condition. Dark Lord of Tech A moment ago.

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Installing AOC Monitor Drivers (Need help)