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List of Intel codenames

The includes support for Bluetooth. Most processors after a certain date were named after cities that could be found on the map of the United States. Intel X Ethernet controller. All rights reserved under Pan American and International copyright conventions. Xeon series, all dual-core, aimed at two-socket servers.

Seventh-generation Itanium processor. Aladdin character of Arabian Nights.

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Formerly called Dana Point. Used in the Santa Rosa platform.

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Solid-state drive in the series. Server systems based on this motherboard are also codenamed Bluff Creek.

Mount Prospect is a village in Cook County, Illinois. Based on the B Gamla controller chip.

Based on the L Hartwell controller chip. This was done for trademark considerations. The is dual-core, the others are single-core.

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Replacement for the cancelled Whitefield. It is the highest peak in North America. Successor to the Nehalem microarchitecture.

Originally codenamed Nehalem-C. Part of the Santa Rosa platform.

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The superhero nickname of the character Bart Simpson. Core i series, Core i series, and Xeon series, all quad-core. Intel wireless technology, part of the Napa platform. Used in the Knights Ferry co-processor card. Montevina is a wine out of the Sierra Foothills, after the Italian word for mountain wine.

Itanium processor Tukwila with only two cores. The sellers who participate post daily and compete with one another for the best price.

Your model will appear with options for obtaining more information. Supports the Pentium Pro processor. Intel I series server Ethernet adapters. Successor to the Haswell microarchitecture.

Intel Product Specifications. Intel Xeon series, four or six cores. Intel X series server Ethernet adapters. Pavilion Users Group, graphtec 3000-60 driver for windows 7 where you'll find another community of Pavilion users.

Archived copy as title link. Nineveh was an important city in ancient Assyria, referred to in the Book of Jonah. Intel E chipset for workstations.

Aimed at high-end smartphones. Intel S series two-socket motherboards, for use in rack-mount servers. The and are bit, while the N and N are bit. Possibly Carbonado, Washington. Redirected from Comparison of Intel graphics processing units.

List of Intel graphics processing units

ASUS ASUS Tek ASUSTek - DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard - Mainboard

List of Intel graphics processing unitsList of Intel graphics processing units

Specification for enterprise-ready two-socket motherboards based on the Xeon E Jaketown processor and the C Patsburg chipset. The Z is dual-core, the others are single core. Test version of the Yonah processor, never commercialized. Data protection engine in the Eaglelake chipsets.

ASUS ASUS Tek ASUSTek - DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard - Mainboard