34151 Fet Driver

What You Need Where to Purchase? You can also use the calculator below. Pulse Width Modulation Injectors are either high impedance or low impedance.

MC33151 High Speed Dual MOSFET Driver

Be sure to orient them with the banded end as shown on the silk screen. Auto Performance Engineering has many high volume Walbro pumps and their specifications on their site.

This is the highest flowing Carter external fuel pump in the book. The fuel supply lines for the top of the fef are the same size. The fuel supply lines for the top of the injectors are the same size. For a complete listing of various fittings with part numbers, asg 65105 torque driver etc.

Note that if you feel your fuel supply is not smooth enough, you can add an accumulator. Of course, if you source your resistor pack from a scrap yard, or if your vehicle already has them, this is cheaper!

It is mounted with the reset switch straight up. For chafe protection, be sure to install a grommet at any point a hose passes through a panel or bulkhead.

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You have to bend the middle leg slightly towards the flat side to fit it in the holes. Many place supply blank aluminum fuel rail extrusions in whatever length you need.

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Only the amount of fuel actually injected moves, and the fuel can get quite hot, which may require special injectors, etc. Efficient High Frequency Operation. These bungs can be held in place with epoxy or welded and is used for fixed fuel rail systems only. To exceed the recommended number of injectors see below either requires resistors in series with each injector or a modified flyback setup.


Bring your vehicle to have the fuel injectors professionally cleaned every year as needed. The accepted conversion factor between these depends somewhat on fuel density, which changes with formulation i. The edge of the heat sink is flush with the end of the case.

Mosfet driver substitute

However sometimes it looks fine. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an original, and which together shall constitute one and the same agreement. These transistors do not need a mica insulator. Position the filter downstream of the pump so that a clogged fuel filter will not over heat the fuel-cooled pump. Econoline vans have these as well.

Peak&Hold Injector Driver Board for Megasquirt

You might have to trim the mica with a sharp pair of scissors to make it fit properly. This puts less heat into the board and other components. This traps air and uses it to cushion the fuel pressure.

The opening time is difficult to adjust given a certain operating voltage. Install at least one fire extinguisher in your work area away from where the fire is mostly likely to occur and carry another one in your car. However, if you have the regulator before the rails, then the full volume of fuel isn't circulating through the rails.

You should use one resistor Watts in series with each injector, otherwise the injectors may not all draw the same current, and the failure modes become complicated and difficult to diagnose. Tubing is available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for this purpose. The return line should have minimal restriction. One example is Ross Machine.

It stops the pump from running if the motor stalls with the ignition on. My expedition has an idle failure.

Use screws to fasten the heat sink. The size is generally given as the outside diameter of the tubing. If this is not the case, your insulator is not insulating. In fact, most injectors are a similar size physically, though there tends to be more variation in throttle body injection injectors than in port injectors.

The board slides in the first slot in the case. Also included is an undervoltage lockout with hysteresis to prevent erratic system operation at low supply voltages. Note that the flat side faces to the left when the silk screen printing is oriented so that you can read it.

Injectors that have too small a flow rating can starve the engine of fuel at full power, and seriously damage your engine. Can I do sequential injection? How can I find my code version? Apply heat sink compound between the two angles, and also between the transistors and heat sink. Throttle BodiesYour throttle body choice depends on whether you are going to use throttle body injection or port injection.


Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis. Your engine will need a certain amount of fuel to run correctly at idle when fully warmed up. If this amount is below that injected during the injector opening time, you will always be rich and have no way to lean it out, short of reducing the fuel pressure. This can also create problems trapping air on assembly that can cause issues at first start-up. You will need a high pressure pump with enough volume at your operating pressure to feed you engine under maximum load.

We do not want ffet be visiting you in the hospital or worse! Throttle Bodies Your throttle body choice depends on whether you are going to use throttle body injection or port injection.