12dw7 Reverb Driver

Princeton Transformerless Reverb. Reverb circuit connection.

They make amazing explosions when they let go at that voltage. Tube Amp Schematics library. Having built a few deluxe reverbs, a stereo based deluxe reverb and a couple of vibroluxes.

You are a amp-saver and a gentleman! It sounded better to me that the fresh replacement that amp had in it when I got it.

Right type or wrong type, you're still gonna have to buy a reverb transformer, right? Both of them are pulls from old Italian amps.

On the outside surface it has the numbers ink stamped, and punched in the surface. You might find a tank isn't made that matches the Swart, besides the one that's in there. Really without the schematic or him telling you, maybe both triodes are not in use, or in use for different parts of the circuit beside the verb.

Chassis reconfigured with new faceplate and old tube socket holes covered. Yes, that's correct Do not update. At very low frequencies with the pot. How does the reverb sound?

Most of the tubes listed are from my personal stock that I am downsizing. It's fun to recycle, even though that cone board is weird to work with.

Refunds Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping costs. For some reason, the reverb circuit in tube amps confound me. Hence the birth of the LesVerb! Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping costs.

Reverb tank and driver questionLesVerb A 12FQ8-based ReVibe - misinformation and the art of disinterest

Transformer Wiring Diagrams. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Is there a name for that circuit element, e. Seems like he wanted a lower gain side of a preamp tube for something else it would not be in there intentionally.

All actual components will be new, except for some older tubes. It's quick, easy, and much appreciated! Just accidentally stumbled across this topic and realised that I have two reverb tanks collecting dust in my shelf that fits the pullshocks's description of his craigslist buy. Also, it has the letter C ink stamped on the inside.

Reverb tank and driver question

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Yes, use the existing schematic, but only one triode to drive the reverb. Yes I was going to recommend the Stokes mod as well. Toxophilite, let me know if you need the tube. More likely a different decay spec made me like it than anything else.

Nice to see this topic goes strong. And do the Leslie thing at the same time. The internal trimpots serve to tune the output volume for roughly unity gain. Going through my parts box I found an old reverb tank I bought off craigslist and never used. It includes everything but wire and chassis decoration.

Please let us know what they say! Some progress on the build. At other frequencies and pot. The higher voltage is going to give you more headroom. It includes different color knobs to help tell the controls apart.

So I made a half one by clipping off the appropriate pins plate grid cathode and plugging it in carefully. Still will get the proper transformer. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described.

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Depends maybe on what else he is doing with both triodes. It was most exciting and smoke came out of all the chassis holes! Came out of a Fender, so it worked in every Fender I Put it in. Oops, looks like you forgot something. An eyelet staking tool is even included in case you need one.

Do I do the same thing for this reverb circuit? To get the volts on the reverb driver, I propose to connect to node C in the power supply. Reverb works very well, i found this tiny hammond organ reverb driver lying around and it seems to do the trick in my one tube version of the fender reverb circuit. Read Valve Wizard ideas for a simple, digitalcam pro driver thorough and no nonsense explanation of classic and improved reverb driver circuits. There could be a magnitude change in the order of three times between the extremes.

How are you doing with the breadboarding? Any possible long term ill effects? Please help support the Gretsch Pages through Paypal.

Odd assortment of knobs etc. Mr Thomas you might like this impetuous experiment.

Simplicity is a good thing. Do you already have an account? The reverb tank is directly mounted to the chassis, eliminating the need for a cabinet.